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The benefits of unit-dose containerization include safety, sterility, cost, and convenience — all of which have been well established in the market place. BioQuiddity is translating these benefits to the world of infusion through our proprietary single-use pre-filled dispensing systems.
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Trends in Healthcare
The Joint Commission 2011 National Patient Safety Goals set forth clear guidelines for how providers can improve the quality of care. The Five Rights of Medication Safety are a universal technique to ensure safe medication administration — Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Time, Right Dose, Right Route. BioQuiddity has adopted these principles in the design and development of our pre-filled infusion systems to enable, cheaper, safer, and more efficient drug delivery.

Safety Benefits
The use of pre-filled infusion systems has the potential to reduce medication errors, as well as the probability of reducing hospital acquired infections. Pre-filled infusion systems should enable clinical best practices because the requirement for pharmacy filling and drug handling are eliminated.

Efficiency Benefits
Pre-filled infusion systems offer potential benefits by providing a more efficient use of pharmacy personnel and drug inventory. With a greater control over pharmacy workload and an adaptable computerized and automated processing system, pre-filled infusion systems can be tracked from inventory to patient.

Cost Benefits
By reducing personnel and logistical burdens, overall medication-related costs could be greatly reduced for the patient, payer, and provider. Fewer processing steps and reduced bulk formulation costs could also be realized with the use of pre-filled infusion systems. Additionally, enabling patient ambulation following surgery and facilitating home care could save providers and payers money, while improving quality of life for patients.

The proprietary dispenser designs shown constitute investigational product candidates that are ultimately intended to provide safer, cheaper, and more efficient infusion modalities.