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The OneDose ReadyfusOR™ is a non-electric, pre-filled, unit-dose drug infusion system that eliminates the complex equipment and multiple steps associated with current infusion modalities.

Ready on Demand
Aseptically packaged in a single container, the drug, dispenser, and administration line are ready for use by simply activating the pre-filled infusion system and attaching the administration line to the infusion catheter.

More Convenient
Pre-filled at the manufacturer and completely self-contained, infusions can begin immediately at the point of care without the need for pharmacy filling or preparation in the operating room.

The ambulatory, non-electric OneDose ReadyfusOR™ can travel seamlessly and inconspicuously with the patient from the hospital to the home, where it is safely disposable following use.
Presented in an aseptic manner, ready-to-use, and color-coded according to therapeutic application, the OneDose ReadyfusOR™ technology was designed to deliver the right drug in the right amount — without the risk of filling related medication errors.

More Efficient
Because the OneDose ReadyfusOR™ is pre-filled and ready-to-use, it should save pharmacist, physician, and nursing time with only one touch needed to begin the infusion.

Single Use
The OneDose ReadyfusOR™ is intended for single patient use and was designed to be presented in an aseptic manner, thereby minimizing the opportunity for healthcare facility acquired infections.