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BioQuiddity has designed the proprietary OneDose ReadyfusOR™ platform of non-electric pre-filled infusion kits for point of care use. The self-contained dispensing technology has an integral pre-filled unit-dose of drug, so that the delivery of the pharmaceutical can begin at will, without the need for expensive electronic pumps. The fluid contents are sterile, the dispensing system is presented in an aseptic manner, and the entire package is safely disposable following use.
graphic box decoration Pictures of BioQuiddity Infusion Dispenser designs
Therapeutic Applications
Post-Surgical Pain Management
For surgical site infiltration and continuous peripheral nerve blocks in the hospital, surgicenter and home care settings
Anesthesia and Sedation
For MAC sedation, combined sedation, general anesthesia, and ICU sedation — for the hospital, surgicenter, and austere environments (as applicable)
IV Antibiotics
For the treatment of serious infections in the hospital, surgicenter, home, skilled nursing facility, and austere environment
For cancer treatment in the hospital, home, or nursing facility settings
IV Fluids
For fluid resuscitation in emergency situations and austere settings, such as the battlefield
Specialty Pharmaceuticals
For therapeutics (such as monoclonal antibodies) that require parenteral infusion in any site of care

The proprietary dispenser designs shown constitute investigational product candidates that are ultimately intended to provide safer, cheaper, and more efficient infusion modalities.